—   The sharp point of dissent   —

What is Obelus.org?

In medieval texts, the obelus was a dagger-shaped symbol used to mark dissent from a passage of doubtful argumentation. Despite leaving ourselves open to accusations of pretension, we though it was a suitable choice. And besides, our first five choices of domain name were long gone.

A few simple rules govern the site:

1. No advertising. (And no revenue-generating click-through links.)

2. No links to other sites, however relevant. Obelus.org is emphatically not a blog. Think of it as the printed word for the web (some of our lengthier articles can be downloaded - and thus printed - as word docs for your reading convenience). In short: no trivia, no nonsense, just solid reporting.

3. No 'quota' of articles for the month. We don't operate by filling the site monthly with articles of a specific quantity but varying quality. Articles appear only when there is something interesting to comment on.

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