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Middle East

Dangerous Escalation: Israel's Lebanon Blockade
16 July 2006
Hezbollah's ill-judged attack has induced Israel to re-live the spirit of '82 by imposing a blockade on Lebanon. Will this situation teeter into war? And if so, involving how many countries?
Checkmate: the Hamas victory
4 February 2006
The Palestinian elections which the US were pushing for have yielded an unpleasant surprise. Those hoping that a dash of democracy would drain popularity away from fundamentalists forgot to factor in one thing: Israel's brutal military occupation.
Iranís Ahmadinejad: fulfiller of stereotypes
4 February 2006
The unbecoming statements of Iran's latest firebrand president can hardly be distinguished from that of neo-Nazis.
Munich: what Spielberg didnít tell you
4 February 2006
Don't mention the Norwegians.
Ariel Sharon: an Israeli Caligula
1 February 2006
The Israeli PM's sudden departure from public life following the Gaza withdrawal has led to media speculation that he was about to make a 'peace breakthrough'. An examination of his military and political career suggests a different picture.
Remembering the Armenian Genocide
6 December 2005
It has been described as 'the first Holocaust': in 1915 the Turkish government systematically extinguished the lives of over one million Christian Armenians. This article examines what happened and how Turkey's continuing denial of the genocide now factors in its bid for membership of the European Union.
Fuming for Israel: the Case of Alan Dershowitz
14 August 2005
In 2003 Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz published The Case for Israel, an attempted rebuttal to every major accusation leveled at the Israelis. This extended essay examines the distortions, dishonesty, and errors contained in his work.